About Buried Puck Threads

Established in 2017, the roots of Buried Puck go back 20+ years. Growing up in Virginia, USA doesn't necessarily seem like the type of place for a love of hockey to come about. But on the mean streets of Chesapeake is where owner Aaron Piper began skating and shooting pucks on the street in front of his parents' home. After attending his first Hampton Roads Admirals' (ECHL) game, the hook was set. The passion burned. After messing around with beer league games, and the occasional pick up game of ball hockey on the tennis court, Piper realized his athletic ability left much to be desired. In late 2000, he retired. But the passion for the game burned on.

Now, armed with resources and a new "team" around him, Piper brings you Buried Puck Threads. Buried Puck exists to bring fans apparel and products they can be proud of and count on. Quality, consistency, value...those are what we strive to make as the backbone of all of our products. We check and double check the details to make sure the design is clean and the fit is right. We feature our own line of Buried Puck designs, as well as distribution and custom design work for whatever your needs are. Whether it's a hoodie or a hat, around town or at the game, we want to make sure you look good and feel good about letting the world see your passion for the game.