Episode 48.1 "West Side Story #1"

Episode 48.1 "West Side Story #1"

We've launched something new. West Side Story focuses our attention to women's hockey and the west side of Cascadia in the hockeyverse. 

Aaron, Dan and Anya talk women hockey, and what's happening over on the Westside (you know, Everett, Seattle and little bit of Portland).

The first eppy is, umm... a little weird. We're not gonna lie. But we are finding our footing, getting to know each other

We start off with ALL the talks of Women's hockey, the NWHL, the PWHPA, who they are, what the difference is in the teams, leagues or not leagues?

Listen in and enjoy our 'first', 'awkward' getting to know you, talking hockey stuff that will be known as West Side Story!


Check out the first episode below and let us know what you think.

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